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Enhance Your Security Skills With CASP

With aggressively fluctuating technological trends in cybersecurity, the industry demand for security practitioners with advanced knowledge and the farsightedness to mitigate security threats is soaring. To address this accelerated demand, CompTIA offers the Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) certification, which demonstrates your skills to design effective cybersecurity policies and devise and implement secured enterprise solutions. CASP is an entirely performance-based certification which tests your hands-on capability to identify and mitigate security risks and offers the efficient integration of enterprise components.
The vital security skills you acquire with a CASP training and certification course include: Enterprise Security: Gaining expertise in enterprise security requires you to understand the concepts of cryptography, encryption techniques, enterprise data storage, and various technologies. Enterprise security is a crucial domain as the user data, confidential organizat…

What's New in Microsoft .NET Framework for Developers

Microsoft .NET Framework is a powerful and robust software development platform used to create applications compatible with the Windows platform. The .NET Framework supports the creation of next-generation form-based and web-based applications and the development of XML web services. Developers can choose from various programming languages supported by .NET Framework, such as Visual Basic and C#. The object-oriented code execution environment of .NET facilitates developers to execute their codes with safety and ease, thereby reducing performance issues and conflicts. Microsoft constantly upgrades their products and technology to withstand the ever-evolving technological trends in the industry. The latest version of .NET framework 4.7.1 has been introduced with several enhancements and improvements to the older versions. It is highly essential for developers to understand these improvements and acquire the in-depth understanding of the recent framework that can be achieved through Micro…

How to Secure Azure SQL Databases

Security is the major concern for efficiently managing databases and tops the priority list for Azure solutions experts implementing Azure SQL data warehouses. It is essential to follow the Azure database security best practices to ensure the utmost security over the Cloud, including: Using Firewall Rules: Firewalls are used to restrict the database access. Microsoft SQL is a relational database available as service in Microsoft Azure Cloud and allows the development of Internet-based applications. By using firewalls, you can limit the connectivity of the database through an IP address that requires users to prove their identities. This restricts the user actions on the data. You can only access the database with relevant authorization.Enabling Database Authentication: SQL Database can support two types of authentications: SQL and Azure Active Directory authentication. Azure AD authentication helps you to centrally manage the identities of the database users. SQL authentication is reco…