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Adobe Photoshop Certification: How to become an Adobe Certified Photoshop Professional

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular graphics editor software by Adobe. It is a computer program which allows users to create and edit images, and then save them in diverse formats. By using Photoshop, users can use layering to bring depth and flexibility in the design and editing process. Adobe Photoshop is feature-rich editing software which can edit large batches of photos to create digital paintings and drawings that give the impression of those done by hand. According to Financial Express, Adobe System has reported a 24.4% rise in its quarterly revenue, compelled by its strength in its digital media business, including Photoshop. According to iDatalabs report, Adobe Photoshop has a market share of about 40.3%. Adobe Photoshop is a big name in the designing and photography industry. Having Photoshop skilled employees in your organization can bring enormous benefits to your business, and the first step to achieve this is to make your employees Adobe Photoshop certified. Adobe…

Cisco Routing and Switching Certifications: Certify Your Networking Skills

Switches and routers are the traffic coordinators of your network infrastructure. In an organization, as the numbers of IT infrastructure devices, network connections, and applications grow, the importance of routing and switching also grows. Managing infrastructure becomes easy with simplified network connections; it supports critical high availability, scalability, and performance of your network infrastructure. According to a report generated by Synergy, the worldwide switching and router revenues were over $11 billion in Q3 and were $44 billion for last four quarters, representing 3% growth on a rolling annualized basis. According to John Dinsdale, a Chief Analyst at Synergy Research Group, switching and routing revenues are growing and Cisco will continue to control half of the market. As organizations are migrating towards controller-based architectures, the skills necessary for core networking professionals are also evolving, and Cisco routing and switching track certification …

Top Business Applications and Processes Certifications You Should Achieve

IT integration into the businesses have turned their functioning upside down and has taken business processes and applications to the next level. Infinite applications have simplified the ways business market and sell their products and offerings, manage their customers, handle their various departments may it be HR, finance, manufacturing, front office, sales, and marketing. Same is the case with business processes- traditional ways to execute business processes have left far behind and the entire functions have been hacked by software applications.
Top-Ranking Certifications You Must Consider: This radical shift from conventional to automated functionalities has raised soaring demand for the workforce having basic to advanced level hands-on experience in optimizing diverse IT technologies. From a front-desk executive to the company’s CEO, understanding of IT technologies is a must-have for all profiles. But just gaining knowledge and trying hands on these technologies is not suffic…

Free Certification Practice Questions and Answers for CompTIA A+ Certification Exam

CompTIA A+ Certification Prep Assessment is a free evaluation of your understanding of the computer devices, peripherals, system support and troubleshooting with basics of hardware, software and networking. This assessment quiz is comprised of mock questions patterned as per the A+ certification exam to make you familiar with the exam format and let you acquire insights to your skill enhancement.

The quiz and assessments from NetCom Learning aim to make you certification ready while explaining you each core concept covered under A+ certification. Crafted by our subject matter experts and certified instructors, these assessments are the proven tools for efficiently prepare and pass the CompTIA A+ certification exam.

Free Certification Practice Questions and Answers for Microsoft PowerShell Administration

Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell Free Assessment is a complementary package of mock tests that are envisioned to evaluate your technical knowledge on Windows PowerShell automation and administration aspects. This all-around assessment consists of a range of practice test created on the lines of Windows PowerShell certification exam to enable you to identify your areas of strength and improvement in this niche domain.
NetCom Learning offers assessment quizzes focusing each topic covered under the certification exam curriculum. Our Microsoft certified trainers craft Windows PowerShell assessments considering that no stone is left unturned to equip you with a thorough understanding of this niche technology.

Free Certification Practice Questions and Answers for Microsoft Azure Certification Exam

Microsoft Azure Free Assessment quiz is a comprehensive quiz to help you assess your skills and competency with respect to highly valued Microsoft Azure certification exams devised by Microsoft from foundation to specialist level. This guide is a bundle of practice tests and assessment quiz that helps you get familiar with the certification exam format and validate your understanding of the Azure Solutions competencies. To pass the Microsoft Azure certification exams successfully, professional appropriate guidance and hands-on understanding are highly recommended.
Netcom Learning is a Microsoft gold learning partner that provides the most up-to-date assessment quizzes explaining all Azure Solutions core concepts in the form of questions and answers framed by certified industry experts having several years of experience in delivering certification based technical training courses. The practice papers can be said to be a kind of mock test that makes you familiar with the exam format ensu…

Top Design & Multimedia Certifications of 2018

Compelling visualizations and creative design involving more than just textual information can fetch boundless business opportunities if applied the righteous way. A fusion of audio, video, texts and other design elements help businesses to establish a bond with the prospected customers and contribute by converting them into profitable customers. Design and multimedia components also enable effective presentation of ideas to engage the prospects.
With significant use of design and multimedia software in crafting promotional content to reach masses and improving branding and visibility, companies have also reframed their criteria of electing the workforce in this domain. Certified designers having an exquisite understanding of design and media software applications are given high preference over the professional design professionals, even if they possess greater experience. Reason being, that the certifications instill and authenticate the acquired skills and are trusted for their glo…

All Things to Know Before You Choose a career in Digital Forensic Investigation

What is Digital Forensics? Digital Forensics relates to the powerful integration of computer science and law assisting in cybercrime investigation. Holding a critical place in the field of cybersecurity, it spans across various stages starting with evidence collection, exhibiting acquisition, investigation, analysis to data recovery, interpretation, and presentation in the court of law. Forensic technology experts deploy various forensic tools to gather potential pieces of evidence to frame a strong case against cyber criminals and support in battling cyber attacks. Current State of Digital Forensics Market According to the latest market research, the global digital forensics market that valued 2.87 billion dollars in 2016, is predicted to grow at a rising CAGR of 9.7% from 2017 and 2025, giving vent to a soaring demand for forensic investigators and expert professionals. The digital forensic skills are most demanded by financial sector facing frequent contentious, non-contentious, a…

Bridging Project Management Skills Gap with PMP Certification

Global organizations significantly rely on project management professionals to take and implement strategic initiatives, drive change in the organization and deliver innovation in managing key projects to success. According to PMI, many industries are on their way to gradually head towards embracing project management skills, leading to high demand for competent project managers in the coming decade. The latest report divulges a wide gap between the increasing demand for and the availability of skilled project professionals from 2017 to 2027. As per PMI survey report, employers around the world will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles by 2027. This gap indicates momentous career opportunities with phenomenal pay packages, for project management aspirants on the go Who are Project Managers? Project Managers are the key position holders in an organization who are trusted professionals to exhibit their competencies of leading projects from scratch to suc…

What Does It Take to Become a CISSP

With cybersecurity challenges and hacking activities intensifying across the globe, the enterprises are rigorously struggling every minute to withstand the security breaches. Be it DDoS attacks, external or internal attacks, intrusions or ransomware, all have become a nightmare for not only global organizations but also government agencies, leaving them with a dire need for a competent workforce of security professionals on board. 

ISC2’s CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) is the most sought-after information security certification, that can be duly earned by following an official curriculum delivered by industry experts.  The U.S job sites, flooded with thousands of cybersecurity positions and specially CISSP roles, are enough to tell the story about the soaring demand for professionals who can keep the data, information and organization’s assets intact.

Who is a CISSP? A CISSP is a seasoned security professional possessing expert competencies on identifying thr…

5 Debugging Tricks Every Visual Studio Developer Should Master

Rendering a zero-error application can only be achieved with sound debugging, that forms an inevitable part of the software development life-cycle. Debugging is a time-taking and challenging task for the developers most of the times. The process of detecting errors in a program code and fixing them is called debugging.

Microsoft Visual Studio is a powerful and interactive IDE (Integrated Development Environment) extensively used by developers to create feature-rich computer applications, web, and mobile apps. With outstanding debugging capabilities, Microsoft Visual Studio allows developers to perform effortless debugging by adding breakpoints, error listing, visualizing the program flow, controlling the program execution, viewing and editing the variables and other code elements.

Below mentioned tricks can contribute the smooth progress at debugging stage of the development in Visual Studio:

1. Evaluate Expressions with Mouse Hover: Stepping into the program code and spotting the err…

7 Steps to Continual Service Improvement with ITIL

Businesses are rapidly incorporating ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework into their diverse processes to leverage its potential capabilities for enhanced business performance. ITIL framework outlines the best practices and envisions service improvements from the IT service management to enhance efficiency and optimize service delivery cost, provided the touch points are identified timely during the service lifecycle execution. Termed as Continual Service Improvement (CSI) in ITIL, this approach includes a module, defining the techniques and processes to help to align the service levels with continuously changing business processes.
The CSI (Continual Service Improvement) process in ITIL is a seven-step process comprised of the following stages:
Define Objectives: The first stage involves clearly defining the objectives to improve the business processes and patterns of service delivery. This includes identification of services and the extent to which they need…

How to Use SharePoint For Project Management

A project can be efficiently managed with team collaboration and proper documentation. Microsoft SharePoint is a robust and feature-rich collaboration platform, that extends project management capabilities through a range of Project Site templates and project management tools. These help you to access the project details located centrally and leverage a platform permitting you to update the executed phases, manage workflows, communicate changes to the team members, create task lists and logbooks among other project management tasks.
How Does SharePoint Support the Project Management? Project Management requires successful execution of various project stages including planning, organizing, implementing, controlling and monitoring. Microsoft SharePoint offers a powerful platform with exquisite project management features and tools to facilitate the project managers and the teams for successful execution of every project lifecycle stage and deliver the expected outputs with utmost quali…

Must-Have Windows 10 Skills for System Engineers

Revolutionary updates to the Microsoft Windows operating system have always been the performance enhancers for system engineers. Recent improvements to the Windows 10 offer enhanced user interface, smart browser, better command prompt, high-resolution graphics API and a plethora of advanced applications. System engineers can stay abreast with these updates by upskilling their advanced Windows 10 skills. Primary features of Windows 10 specifically helping System Engineers to advance their roles, include: Windows 10 Basics: Using Windows operating system offers a user-friendly interface. The basic skills are required to efficiently work on Windows 10. These include – working with files and folder and use relative functions of sorting, renaming, creating, compressing etc., connecting to the internet, using media programs like VLC, using Cortana and others.Configuration Management: Configuration management skills relate to the competency of system engineers to deploy Windows 10 efficient…