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Cisco Routing and Switching Certifications: Certify Your Networking Skills

Switches and routers are the traffic coordinators of your network infrastructure. In an organization, as the numbers of IT infrastructure devices, network connections, and applications grow, the importance of routing and switching also grows. Managing infrastructure becomes easy with simplified network connections; it supports critical high availability, scalability, and performance of your network infrastructure. According to a report generated by Synergy, the worldwide switching and router revenues were over $11 billion in Q3 and were $44 billion for last four quarters, representing 3% growth on a rolling annualized basis. According to John Dinsdale, a Chief Analyst at Synergy Research Group, switching and routing revenues are growing and Cisco will continue to control half of the market. As organizations are migrating towards controller-based architectures, the skills necessary for core networking professionals are also evolving, and Cisco routing and switching track certification …